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breakup again.

In the last two days I would have sworn my life that Stan and I will break up. He has been very distant, and although I know it’s his way of getting into my heart or getting myself to open up, I almost had given up. 1 059 słów więcej


I love you!

Stan and I have spent a wonderful time together. We have spent every day together for at least a few hours, to fall asleep together.. there have been some moments when I thought he would break up with me again, but all considered, we’ve had a good time. 327 słów więcej


Iskreno pismo stanodavcima

Živim kao podstanar, evo skoro 20 godina. Nisam imao, prvo mogućnosti, a posle ni srca, da se zavalim u kredit od 25 godina, a nisam te sreće da nasledim neku „garniseru na špijunku”. 1 479 słów więcej