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Stan na dan Čukarica

Idete na adu ili na sajam? Stan na dan Čukarica vam može mnogo značiti ako želite da uštedite novac i vreme.

Fake Broadway Fans!

This is a topic that has been on my mind for the past few months. If you aren’t aware of the Facebook group, All Things Broadway, you should check it out. 358 słów więcej


Dataviz of the week 17/11/17

This week, dataviz meets Bayes. Jonah Gabry, Daniel Simpson and some other Bayes badasses have ythis paper on ArXiv: Visualization in Bayesian Workflow. I’d like to single out this image from page 7. 465 słów więcej


Streaming Guide November 17 - November 23

via What’s New In Streaming For The Next Seven Days — DeciderTV

It’s been a long two months for LGBTQI+ people in Australia. We had a prolonged and expensive postal survey (the government called it a plebiscite but it wasn’t legally binding and since it was run by the Bureau of Statistics and not the Electoral Commission, it was actually a survey) on whether we should allow same-sex couples to marry. 137 słów więcej



Revival is going to be the Eminem’s 9th studio album which is expected to be released on October the 17th.

In this site I’ll try to update you everything about this new album..so stay tuned Stans


Stan na dan Beograd, Vračar

Iznajmite stan na dan Beograd, Vračar, Savski Venac, centar i druge lokacije povoljno kod nas.