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Watch: Stan Rey is a full-throttle adventure hound

Stan Rey is known for charging awesome lines and tossing massive backflips on his skis. The ripper—based out of Whistler, British Columbia—doesn’t only tear up the snow scene, though. 22 słowa więcej

Stan's Bad Day

Someone said that God created my buddy Stan to annoy the rest of us.

Far be it from me to know the mind of God but I understand the reasoning. 605 słów więcej


Let's fight: Anywhere, anytime, on any device. (Also, Kevin Spacey.)

A bloody battle worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster has come to Australia.

THE PITCH The video on demand (VOD) market has ramped up in Australia over the past few months, with the arrival of international streaming superstar Netflix spurring a revamp of recently launched subscription based VOD services from the major local media players – Stan (Foxtel), Presto (Fairfax) and Bigpond Movies (Telstra) – as well as incumbents and new entrants at the smaller end of town iFlix, ezyFlix, Quickflix, and FetchTV (backed by iiNet who is also offering Netflix on the FetchTV service and download quota free). 1 149 słów więcej

Topic 9 - Place (Distribution And Logistics)

Energetske Kuće d.o.o Novi Sad Srbija

Info & kontakt: http://www.mojtrg.rs/Listing/AdDetail/Index/987435-Energetske-Ku%C4%87e-d-o-o-Novi-Sad-Srbija–

Energetske Kuće d.o.o – Novi Sad, Srbija

Visoko kvalitetne nisko-energetske i pasivne kuce po nemackim i austrijskim standardima


Today's Word is... TWENTY

Andrew Jackson wasn’t shit.   He slaughtered people,  he won his elections by rounding up uneducated southern voters, he amassed his wealth primarily through slavery.   Hell,  he abhorred the idea of paper money (dollars ain’t paper, they’re cotton) yet and still Old Hickory is on the 20.  594 słowa więcej