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A Spoiler Filled Review and Recap of Stan’s Complete ‘Wolf Creek’ Series

Written by: Clinton Hester

If you love a good slasher, you love Wolf Creek. These flick are blood, guts, and gruesome torture. They’re unforgiving films that successfully paint the inevitable victim as sympathetic, yet outstandingly tough. 4 450 słów więcej



Slicing him open wasn’t really an option; Marissa couldn’t stand the sight of blood. In fact, she cringed anytime she saw a sharp knife, so the thought of shoving a blade into someone over and over again to kill them was one that sent her to the bathroom to vomit. 532 słowa więcej


more from the interview

“I have spent years chasing the tail of my darkness.”

“Yes?” Dr Axelrod responds, lifting his eyes from the notebook he feverishly writes into. “And what have you discovered?” His eyes lock with Marissa’s. 520 słów więcej



There was a loud crash in the hallway and Marissa slammed her face into a pillow to stifle a scream. She lay still for a minute, ears listening for any little thing while her mind thought of what she would do— 420 słów więcej


the interview

She sank into the depths of her memories and couldn’t stop the tears from raining down her face, her heart pulsating in her chest.

“I’m in the alley,” Marissa says. 466 słów więcej


A Bipolar Sin

Hay Sin, where are you going tonight,


Yes, you are moving slowly, is there any problem.

Not at all, I am tired.

Tired of what ? 846 słów więcej

Today's Word is... SMOOCHR

So over the past 24 hours, the internet has been abuzz about Smoochr, a new dating app aimed at African Americans that allows you to choose a mate based by complexion, hair type and size of your lips. 526 słów więcej