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What's New In Streaming for the Next 7 Days — DeciderTV

via What’s New In Streaming for the Next 7 Days — DeciderTV

This was going to be the usual promotion for my writing at other outlets, but Netflix has gone and changed their release dates. 220 słów więcej


Immense and silent is my empty heart

There’s a  hole inside me where his love once dwelt
Immense and silent ,swallowing all my hopes
A sorrow unacquainted seeks for help
To direct me how  to live, not merely cope. 77 słów więcej

Thinkings And Poems

Stan Bush Creates A Brand-New '80s Anthem For Shadow Warrior 2

(Source: kotaku.com)

How does one craft a new anthem for a decade some 30 years past? I have no idea, but Stan Bush has done it. 267 słów więcej



This week, I found out there are people who don’t know I’m a hopeless Zadie Smith fan. And, worse still, there are people who read books but do not know Zadie. 1 015 słów więcej


Music Makes And Saves You

Hey guys,I’m back today with a new topic which is Music.Everybody loses theirselves to music.People love different genres of music.Hiphop is my favourite…And Eminem is my God…Haha…just want to let you know he saved me several times through his inspirational music…Like he says „Music can alter moods and talk to you” this line is much thing to say.. 268 słów więcej


The Eminence Of Eminem

​Marshall Bruce Mathers III, popularly known as Eminem is a proven Rap God and every living being admits it and the people who don’t should meet a psychiatrist, I insist. 231 słów więcej

Poll Bitnez, Not Chapter Yet (so ignore if you're busy)

Man, you ladies (and gents? We have any gents in the house?) should be writers yourselves!  Your fantastic suggestions have been fun, interesting, and inspired – very creative and imaginative and I can totally see some brilliant backstories being thought up for so many of those names.  468 słów więcej