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When To Say No

I love dermal fillers.  There is no better or safer procedure to restore youthful volume and take years off a face instantly.  It is immediately gratifying for both the patient and myself. 174 słowa więcej


The I(ce) have it......!

Sophie is of the opinion that being a shorter-haired dog can have its advantages…especially in inclement weather.

Stan, whilst appreciating Sophie’s sentiments, can’t really see what the fuss is about… 28 słów więcej


Today's Word is... FRANKENSTEIN

When you think of Frankenstein, you think big green monster not the egotistical, nefarious man who created him.  Hell, the thing isn’t even named Frankenstein, but whatever.  528 słów więcej


Make a New Plan, Stan?

Coming into 2015, I have been on a journey to re-define the direction I am choosing to move. I have enjoyed the process. Making goals is one of my love languages… 682 słowa więcej

Personal Development

Uredite Stan U Zen Stilu | Nekretninko - Srbija-Nekretnine.org Blog

Ako ne možeš da ih pobediš pridruži im se! Protekle nedelje dočekali smo lunarnu ili ti Kinesku Novu Godinu.

Rap Under the Umbrella

While reading Kelsea’s Log 2, I thought about how she said that being street „is an option, but to be successful in this industry I think it actually is a requirement.” I’d like to bring my own example to the forefront. 408 słów więcej