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‘Will & Grace’ second season stream date is locked in

What began as a humble internet reunion has certainly evolved into something bigger than even the producers and cast of Will & Grace could have imagined. 155 słów więcej


I AM Sitting Down!

Stan voices his discontent. This is an older one, where I am still figuring out the layout.
I posted this on the Mike Campbell fanpage on Facebook and got some laughs about Tom standing on Mike’s head.


Stan Strikes Exclusive Output Deal with MGM

Australian streaming service Stan has signed a multiyear exclusive output deal with MGM.

Under the new deal, Stan will stream all future MGM television series, as well as television series and films from MGM’s extensive catalogue, including all 24 official James Bond films.


Stand-Up Comedy with Tricia D'Onofrio


Tricia D’Onofrio has been performing stand-up comedy since late 2017, and is already involved in her own production company with plans for the future. We discussed how she got started, where she plans to go, and what her influences have been, among other things. 69 słów więcej