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King of Mars by Monster Magnet

Jimdar: What the Kcuf has happened to Chochem?!

Kimar: Chochem has been crushed by an object from out of space?! The object seems to be…negative…this is impossible?! 376 słów więcej


Beginning of new identity

Okay, let’s start from my introduction.

  • What’s my name?


  • What’s my nationality?

    I’m an INDIAN.

  • What do I do?

    I’m studying, I’m pursuing CA (Chartered Accountant).

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Space Junk by Devo

Kimar: 100…99…97…

Jimar: Kcuk Kimar! We have been waiting for the last 25 Martian hours to await Mike Check’s execution! Will you increase your time speed at once?! 356 słów więcej


Writer of the Week- Christopher Priest A.K.A Jim Owsley

Christopher James Priest, a.k.a Jim Owsley, a.k.a Priest, is an American writer who is known for being the first African-American editor of mainstream comics.

He first began writing for Marvel’s ‚Falcon’ comics and was also assigned as editor for the ‚Spider-Man’ comics during the mid-80’s. 103 słowa więcej


Try Out STAN Gratis

Teman-teman, tahu kan, kalau PKN STAN sudah di buka? Yup betul banget. Aku sebagai anak yang suka belajar, ingin berbagi info nih untuk teman-teman yang akan daftar PKN STAN, baiknya kamu banyak-banyak latihan soal deh. 184 słowa więcej

CodeX FutureLaw 2018 Conference - Innovation Under the Redwoods

Last week I attended the sixth annual CodeX FutureLaw Conference, under the canopy of the redwoods on the Stanford University campus. I did not know entirely what to expect, but as my office is a few miles down El Camino Real from Stanford, I thought that it was worth investigating. 522 słowa więcej

Legal Technology

Black Widow movie: Bucky to join Scarlett Johansson? Sebastian Stan SPEAKS OUT

The two superheroes will next in appear in Avengers Infinity War, but unlike Iron Man and Captain America they’re much more likely to stick around in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 228 słów więcej