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Dodo won't give up and my new date!

Bad things first, Dodo still doesn’t seem to have understood to leave me be. Saying I was outraged would be an understatement. My mother was actually by my side when I read his last message and she laughed her ass off about me freaking out about it. 1 439 słów więcej


big news!

I feel really weird by now, talking about these things.. to be completely honest, I feel like a bitch right now.

It hasn’t even been… 715 słów więcej


Child Support Basics in Tennessee

Child Support Basics in Tennessee from Stan Bennett A child support order can be modified down the road if circumstances warrant a modification. Must show a “Significant Variance” exists for a court to consider modification.   32 słowa więcej

Welcome everybody

Welcome everybody! The purpose of me doing this blog is to unite Eminem’s fans, providing the most recent news, pictures, songs and everything related to him.