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So Much to Say that Goes Unspoken

This photograph that I took of Stan on Kilfarrasy Beach yesterday has reduced me to silence. It evokes so many thoughts, memories, feelings that it’s better to let it be. 31 słów więcej


Road Trip, Part 4

Last week we left Stan and Brad on the road to Ndjoko Punda. Due to the poor road conditions, their driver (nicknamed Forty-five) has only been able to drive at approximately two miles per hour. 372 słowa więcej


Stan Now on PS3 and PS4

Subscription to the video on demand service Stan can now be accessed through PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. This launch on PS3 and PS4 was made possible through the new deal of the Australian company with Sony. 92 słowa więcej



NOVO ISTRAŽIVANJE – Telekom otplatio guvernerkin dug od skoro 78.000 € za stan u #NoviSad: https://t.co/yOwYP9v5GC pic.twitter.com/SP5JwZslXz

— BIRN Srbija (@BIRNSrbija) November 20, 2015…

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Vesti Dana

Woodwork Project as of 20/11/15

This week in woodwork we got to take our cubes home. I had a lot of work to do at home with the cube as I didn’t get the chance to draw any of the characters on my cube. 299 słów więcej


Road Trip, Part 3

This week we continue our story of the journey Stan and Brad took when they began this ministry. When we left them last week they were driving through poorly maintained roadways–more like sand traps with deep ruts made by six-wheel transport trucks wider than the Toyota’s wheelbase. 463 słowa więcej