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Rock your poncho with jeans, skirts or toss it over a dress. Ponchos bring their own sense of style. Pick your style. Pick your color. Your hand-crafted original design will be ready within weeks of your order.

Crochet Design


Yahooooo! I finally found time to write up my pattern for my poncho! Success!

I made this poncho months ago, but have really struggled to find time to write it up. 1 027 słów więcej


Temporary Menopause - Sounds Fun...

My body is mad. It’s a not washing, living on soggy cereal and cups of lemon and ginger tea kind of week. I had to stop my Loestrin 20 pill so that I can start on the Decapeptyl injections on Friday – I thought having a period in between would be good, but my body just isn’t playing ball. 353 słowa więcej

Review: Therm-a-Rest Honcho Poncho

Therm-a-Rest currently holds the title for most useful product in my closet–shout out to the Z-lite Sol. I have very high standards of the products that I consistently carry out into the wilderness, so if my bias for insulated ponchos played a little into my opinion of the… 535 słów więcej


Mexican Shawl

I love these shawls.  They are so warm, and can also be used a table runner.  Tomorrow I will take better pictures!  I am just being lazy tonight!

Cold Nights

Cancun, o destinatie fierbinte

Cancun este o destinatie pentru cupluri dinamice si dornice de petrecere.

Luna de miere pe plajele Mexicului este o vacanta, mai degraba, distractiva decat romantica, este o petrecere fierbinte cu emotii la cote maxime. 302 słowa więcej