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Abbecote is Just a Fun Piece of Clothing!

I found Abbecote through a press release, and it seemed interesting; so, I went to the website to check it out. It immediately peaked my interest and I had to contact the owner/designer, Abbe Murray-Cote, to feature the Abbecote in our magazine.   285 słów więcej


Uni Assignment

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been upto.. this is one of the many things. Thankyou again to my lovely friend Raya for being a part of my work. 392 słowa więcej


News: Poncho developers pair up with Rising Star Games

Delve Interactive, the creative minds behind open-world puzzle platformer Poncho have announced that they will be teaming up with Rising Star Games in order to bring us their game. 90 słów więcej


Tilt Shift Wrap pattern release and KAL

The Tilt Shift Wrap is live!

This wrap features an intriguing woven cable that is knit through itself rather than simply crossed. It is knit flat in one piece with DK weight yarn, then folded and seamed. 241 słów więcej


PONCHO (No 2897)

From Melbourne, Australia here is PONCHO, a new band who have three very good tracks out. The track we are sharing with you today is called „The Summers Over So Where Do We Stand?” a track which is chilled, catchy and shows off some very nice clapping! 6 słów więcej

Latest projects

I have neglected my poor blog. I leave in a few days for a 12 week trip and have been very busy making preparations. I am so excited! 283 słowa więcej