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Fashion: The Third Piece Rule

I am fashionably challenged. Mostly because I just want to wear leggings and tunics with my hair in a messy bun every. single. day. but also because outfit planning stresses me out and I like to sleep. 227 słów więcej


the 5050

*As seen on The Crystal Press

Ill just give it to you straight: this outfit showcases two absolutely necessary items in my wardrobe for surviving the frigid temperatures we have been experiencing in RVA this week. 166 słów więcej



Hello Lovely People,

You may know that, in recent months, I took part in the Spice of Life crochet along by Cherry Heart and Black Sheep Wools. 132 słowa więcej

Flowing Fashion

I know I don’t need to say it, but thank goodness it’s Friday! This week has felt like forever to me. Probably because I’m looking forward to this weekend so much. 251 słów więcej



Winter in Vancouver could be cold but is usually mild compared to many other places. There are days I don’t need my thick wool coat because it’s not too cold that I can get away without wearing one. 454 słowa więcej


Halfmoon Poncho Coat for France

Connected to this new buyer last year, She sent us e-mail and details info about her orders. She is our new buyer from Paris France. 143 słowa więcej


Camino training hike 3 and Altus poncho review

Everyone has been asking me when I see them—at work, socially, my family—how’s the training going?

It’s going!

Training hike 3

Distance: 5.55 miles… 823 słowa więcej