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Poncho'd & Afraid

We finally got caught in a huge down pour in the parks! Tropical Storm/Hurricane Erika is headed our way, and managed to cause one of the monorails to lose power! 108 słów więcej

Magic Kingdom

New trending GIF tagged baseball thumbs up cubs...

New trending GIF tagged baseball, thumbs up, cubs, finger guns, poncho via http://ift.tt/1U4RYPv


Finished on the two rectangles for now. Just waiting on part 8 to be released. As I previously mentioned, this round was using the x-stitch and it works up super quick with get affects :) … 9 słów więcej


Back home after summer ^-^

I have been visiting my mother for a while now, and have gotten back home now, and as usual, I had to clean a lot when I got back. 263 słowa więcej

Anki Things

Handmade fasion ideas

Creating your own clothing, accessories can be very rewarding. But what to make or design?
Here are some ideas (with links) to get inspired.

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Feeling like Fall

I have been starting to buy some pieces to transition into Fall. For me they have to be pieces that I can layer, and things that look good with denim. 56 słów więcej

Sometimes A Towel Is Not Enough

Sorry Douglas Adams. There are times when a towel is just not enough.

Unless you are diving in very hot climates, you struggle out of your wetsuit and all you really want is to be enveloped in a large snugly blanket. 375 słów więcej

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