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Poncho - Number 2

This is the second time I made this Poncho for my daughter. The 1st one has been worn as a Poncho at nursery, a large Jumper as a toddler, a short Jumper as an early teen till with regrets it had to join the pile of too small clothes. 107 słów więcej

WIP: not a sweater

The Stylecraft DK Coast Pack that was supposed to become a sweater is now going to be a poncho!

I have this poncho already that I knitted years ago… 360 słów więcej



Desde pequeña me han gustado los ponchos, pero también desde pequeña no me había puesto ninguno.

Pues bien, este año decidí que había llegado la hora de tener uno y además hacermelo. 278 słów więcej

Shamrock Day

I’ll admit, I was surprised when Bonbon moved in. After all, didn’t Fuchsia just move in?

And then I realised. Streetpass.

New badge, yay-hoo!

Fun Fact: The lovely phone in Flora’s house doubles as a FORTUNE TELLER. 318 słów więcej

Animal Crossing

Weekend Vibes: In a Red Tie-Dye Kurta and White Palazzo Pants

Happy Saturday my dear readers! The anticipation of spring and warmer weather has me giddy with joy.  I am expressing my elation by pulling out the more casual Indian outfits that can be worn on a weekend to a casual ‚get together’ or just because they look so pretty and feminine. 153 słowa więcej

My Indian Lookbook

Step into Spring with Forever 21!

Welcome back love bugs!! As Spring is inching, and inching. Closer, and closer to us these last few days (Finally some WARM weather in NYC) I figured this is the perfect time to show you guys one of my favorite outfits for spring. 170 słów więcej



Detalle del tejido de un poncho mapuche de Temuco. IX Región, Chile.

Elaborado por Beatriz Coñoepan.

Lana tejida en telar de cintura.

Fotografía de A. Ñimin Makun