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Moth drinking nectar

This is a video of a moth drinking nectar from the flowers in our garden.The plant is Jasminum polyanthum (Pink Jasmine). We shot this video last spring. 54 słowa więcej


Plants you can't kill: Pink Jasmine

I love all things jasmine: plants, perfume, tea.. This pink jasmine vine (jasminum polyanthum) is growing in my neighbor’s front yard and I can smell it all the way down the street. 132 słowa więcej

Low Maintenance

Harbinger of spring

Jasminum polyanthum, or Pink Jasmine, is always a sure sign of spring approaching. The buds are pink when closed, opening up into white star-shaped flowers. The fragrance is rich and unmistakeable, which is why jasmine has historically been used in making perfume. 31 słów więcej