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Musical Tuesday (Because, ok, I forgot yesterday)

Basically, because Madame Piaf is everything and this song is an epic battle cry and because French is sultry and so am I…

Avec mes souvenirs… 85 słów więcej

Edith Piaf - The World of Piaf

I never wanted a record player, I promise. A few of my friends would joke about how I thought I was the cool, music nerd of our friendship group (I occasionally have a tendency for music snobbery which is regrettable) but I would never go so far as to cement that parody by purchasing such a clearly outdated and expensive method of listening to music. 382 słowa więcej

La Vie en Rose [i]

juin 2011, rue Mouffetard.

I was eighteen the first time. I had refused the brouhaha of most Filipina girls’ débuts and the silver watch that my mum wanted to offer me for becoming an „adult”. 878 słów więcej

Daily Toast

'The last time I saw Paris....'

9 a.m.: Installed on a bench, I’m pouring over the map of the famous Pere

Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. Friends in England teased me about wanting to visit nothing but dead people. 654 słowa więcej


I Am Edith Buckley, at Darwin's Woods Street & Rollerdoor Galleries, July - August 2015

Darwin came, and Darwin went, and I wasn’t there to see the show itself! But have lived vicariously through the posts and pictures from Leanne and Jo, our ever-faithful representatives. 156 słów więcej