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Paris 1944, Paris 2015: Hemingway and the Second Liberation of the City of Light

Paris is rising again.

As the bodies of the dead are laid to rest on earth and their spirits ascend to be welcomed by their Maker in heaven, the City of Light is being liberated from terrorists in November 2015 as it was Liberated from Nazis in August 1944. 1 546 słów więcej

Drift past my window

Mr. Garner and I have enjoyed at least a month of morning walks on neighborhood streets bordered with large leathery sycamore leaves.  They are of the perfect size and texture and quantity to provide a satisfying crunch when stepped on, and a superb percussive swish when stepped through.   140 słów więcej

What's Going On?

Monday Menagerie #25 - Paris Tribute

Paris, Mon Amour.

I had a different Monday Menagerie planned for today, but after the news of the Paris attacks on Friday, I couldn’t think about anything else.   613 słów więcej